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An advisor works on a paper with a student

HCC provides a range of academic support services to help our students succeed.


ALANA provides academic support, 指导, and counseling to African American, 拉丁美洲人, 亚洲, and Native American men.

残疾 & 聋人服务

If you are a disabled or Deaf student, OSDDS will help you access needed accommodations and support services.


埃尔森特罗 provides culturally responsive guidance and support to enable Latinx students to achieve academic success


学生: Ready to improve your academic 英语 language skills to succeed in college and beyond?


新方向 for Adult Learners serves students age 24 and older, 父母, 和退伍军人, including those who have been out of school for many years.


三个首页 offer an array of support services for students who are first generation to college, 低收入, or have a documented disability.


The Center for Academic Program 支持 (CAPS) provides free assistance to all HCC students through tutoring, 写作, ESL, 还有数学中心, 学习小组, ongoing study skills workshops, 和更多的.