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通路 Program is a 转移 support program that helps promising high-achieving 文科 students the ability to succeed at 森林舞会游戏 and explore 转移 opportunities to selective liberal arts colleges such as Mount Holyoke, 史密斯, 阿默斯特, 威廉姆斯, 和其他人. The program intentionally fosters student relationships utilizing the holistic approach to offer academic and personal support such as advising, 研讨会, hosting 转移 information sessions with selective college representatives, conducting college visits and assists with the 转移 process to selective colleges for high-potential students, especially from underrepresented backgrounds. 

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Programming and 服务s are offered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. 到下午4点.m. 通路 is located in Room 270 of the Donahue Building.

想知道更多吗?? Please contact Irma for an appointment to talk about the possibilities!

Interested in exploring UMass, Westfield State, Elms College, or another institution? 请查看我们的主 转移 page!


电话: 413.552.2857

What is the 转移 Scholars Network?

The 转移 Scholars Network is an invitation-only virtual platform that connects high-achieving community college students with dedicated admissions representatives from 12 top four-year colleges that have some of the most generous financial aid programs in the nation.


转移 Scholars are a select group of the best and brightest students from nine community colleges across the country.

You have to be nominated as a 转移 Scholar by leaders at your current institution, based on your accomplishments in school and in your community. These achievements suggest that you would be competitive for admission to some of the nation's top colleges. As you consider other options such as your public flagship and other local universities, we hope you will also consider this exclusive opportunity.

By joining the 转移 Scholars Network, you will receive ongoing support from staff at these 12 four-year institutions to navigate the 转移 process, including the admissions application, 财政援助表格, and opportunities for credit 转移.

Who Is Eligible to Join the Network?

学生 from diverse backgrounds and all points of the postsecondary journey have been selected to join the 转移 Scholars Network, including students from high school, 军事, 还有劳动力.

Leaders at our nine community college partners nominate these students in recognition of their achievements at their institutions, which indicate they're capable of thriving in a four-year setting.

Schools Participating in the 转移 Scholars Network
How Can You Join the 转移 Scholars Network?

Begin the process by contacting either Mark Broadbent at or 413.552.2498或者厄玛麦地那 or 413.552.2857, ask about your academic qualifications and any other leadership, 服务, 课外, 个人经历. 从那里, dedicated admissions staff from the participating four-year institutions that you indicated an interest in will reach out to discuss how to begin your 转移 journey.